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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lawnmower fun...

Today Marion decided to let the kids drive the lawn mower around the yard.  The absolutely silly thing was...they couldn't make it run unless all THREE were on the mower.  Abi would run the pedal and steer, Nathan would sit on the seat - but he wasn't heavy enough on his own - so, Jonny rode on the back and held the seat down so the mower wouldn't shut off!  

They had a GREAT time (once they figured out how to work together so the lawn mower wouldn't automatically shut off).

Nathan finally sitting back in the seat.

Jonathan just hanging out on the back tail.

Abi steering and using the pedals.
For those of you who might be worried about the safety of this...I would just like to say that they were going in TURTLE SLOW!  I mean crawling!  Abi could barely get the pedal down and Marion had it set on the slowest of slow settings.  AND, if Jonathan would have let go even the slightest...the motor died...they really had to have all three to make it work or the mower if anyone would have fallen would have killed the motor!