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Monday, August 30, 2010

Our New Locker

Our porch is ALWAYS a MESS!  Indeed it is!  

I found this picture in a school catalog of these lockers that they use to help keep all the kids' things organized, and I asked Marion if we could get one.  He thought it was a GREAT idea...until he looked at the price...LOL!  Over $400 for a 5 space locker...ummm...he said NO!  

I pouted and pondered for several days, and then I asked if I could MAKE one!  He liked that idea alot better and I began looking around to see what I needed, what we had, and drew out the plan.  On Friday I went to the lumber yard for the back piece...the only piece I didn't have from the scraps left over from the cabinets on the porch.  And Saturday I began building.  I had it done in one day! (at least the assembly part).

Then on Monday, I painted it...or FINISHED painting it.  Each of the kids have a color that we 'associate' with them.  Abi is Pink (or sometimes purple), Nathan is Blue, Jonny is Green, and I decided Ethan will be Yellow!  So, I came up with a great idea to help them know which locker is theirs...I'd color code them:

Yes...I know...there is an orange one...YES...I got MANY comments about that from Facebook...but seriously, the design was simply from the one in the catalog and I just went with their measurements which was for a 5 slot locker!  It offers a great 'visitors' spot!

The kids LOVE it and so far are doing GREAT at wanting to use it.  If we can get in the habit of coats and shoes go in the lockers, our porch will improve GREATLY!