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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Youth Group Reunion

When I was in high school we had the BEST youth group EVER!  I have so many amazing memories from that group (it was actually a combined group from two churches but we felt as one).  In my later years I ventured away from the group but several of us stayed in contact through the years.

Crazy as it seems, several of us got connected on Facebook and decided we wanted to have a reunion with as many of us as we could get.  Candi (Bernhardt) Frey, Stephanie (Davidson) Hernandez and I organized a camp out/barbecue at the lake.  

The lighthouse tower at Lake Minatare, Nebraska
(the kids loved it)
So, as crazy as it seems, we actually packed up a tent and all the stuff we'd need to camp out at the lake for one night and headed to Scottsbluff!  We had an amazing time (but I'm not sure I'd do it all for one night  The other crazy thing is that I had my camera the whole time and took absolutely NO pictures!!  It was our very first actual camping some where other than home experience and I have no pictures!

I also got NO pictures of those that came!  Now what was I thinking?!  We had a great time though and I loved the reconnect!  Maybe we'll do that again in a few years...but I'm staying for more than one night!