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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Kansas' Biggest Rodeo & the Kats Cousin Reunion

This weekend was Rodeo weekend in Phillipsburg and the Kats family reunion. The Kats family is the Farmer' mother's family. They get together every four years I think. This year each family was distinguished with a colored bandana: our family line was blue: 

After sharing a meal, we most of us went to the rodeo parade: 

One of the Farmer's cousins was in this car!

After the parade, we had the privilege of going to the old homestead to visit with the Veltkamp family and allow the kids to take naps. Then it was off to the rodeo.

It was decided that Ethan would put his name into the hat for a chance to mutton bust! He was drawn third:

But when it came time to climb onto the sheep, he just could not do it! 

Despite this and the rain that came, we still had a great time and the kids enjoyed their first rodeo experience!