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Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation Truth

We are on our trip to Scottsbluff for a visit and last bit of vacation before school starts. As is typical, the Farmer decided to take an alternate route without a lot of pre-planning which brings a bit of stress to the drive.

So, he asks me for directions and I load my navigation app on my new iPhone. Amazingly, he thinks that is pretty cool as long as he can go where he wants but when he goes against its advice and has to turn around he asks for the "real" map!

I, of course, tell him it is not fair to blame the app which he has dubbed 'Siri' though it is not actually "her". Anyway, we get it figured out after a few tense moments.

Fast forward a few hours and the Farmer again decides to take a detour and asks, "Will she get mad it I go see the dam."  I tell him I'll just pause the directions and we'll be fine. 

As we are getting back on track I turn navigation on again and the Farmer comments how polite 'Siri' always is in giving her directions - insinuating others could learn from her! This is when Abi pipes up with "Dad, you should call her 'Deary' instead because you seem to like her instructions better than mom's"!

Out of the mouth of babes! 😊