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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Nathan's 5th Birthday

Number 5 is the party I asked Nathan...what kind of party do you want to have...and in the end we came up with a LEGO party!  So, here are the pictures of Nathan's Lego Party for his 5th Birthday:

The cake was supposed to be lego creations...Nate wanted a Lego town!

Blowing out the Candles!

Jonny wanted in on the fun.

the kids...

And more kids...(good thing we have a BIG dining room,
the adults were in the living room)
 On to the Lego on the Lego Man...

Cousin E taking his turn...

Andy H. 

The stinker birthday boy got 'scared' and ran upstairs...
we had to coax him down to play the that I think about it...did he ever play?

Colton H taking his turn

Cousin W he it a good shot!

 Now it Present TIME:

Nate got lots of!

Reading a card that was made for him...

Cousin A decorating the birthday boy!

"What ever should we do with all these LEGOS!"

Dump them down the center of the table you say....Good Idea!

Working Hard on a creation!

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After a while of creating and playing, Daddy got the horse out and many of the kids went to ride on the Strawberry or play outside on the fort/merry-go-round.  Overall, I think Nathan had a super Great Birthday!

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!