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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Our Fly Plague

This year the flies were TERRIBLE...literally...we had a plague!  It wasn't bad for EVERYONE but I did hear many stories of others having issues with flies as well.  At first, I thought maybe it was because we had had the kittens on the porch earlier and thought maybe they had left enough of a scent that it drew the flies in...but then I bleached the entire porch and they STILL came in swarms.

I tried to put fly killer on the porch but apparently it smelled too bad and that was dispensed of!  So we just swatted and swatted and swatted!  This is just ONE picture of the flies we had...but honestly, I remember times when the ceiling was covered at least 3 times worse than this!

I finally got some fly fog that killed the flies more efficiently but it still was terrible...we even had them in the VAN!  We couldn't WAIT for the freeze to come so they would all DIE!  I guess this was our closest experience to what the Egyptians felt during the plagues back in the Biblical times!