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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Crazy Week and an Update on Baby

I have been having this toothache thing going on for like a month now.  But it was crazy because it would hurt for a day or two and then not for a week.  Then a day or two and not a week.  Well, between Fair, Serve, and various activities I just never got into the dentist and by the time I called in, there was a weeks wait, so I got on the calendar but the receptionist said that if they had a cancellation she'd call me.

So Monday first thing she called and said they had a cancellation and could get me in. (This was a HUGE answer to prayer because I had started hurting on Saturday and NOTHING seemed to help or relieve the pain.) So off I went while Marion watched the kids.  I was really hoping I wouldn't have to have a root canal as that all takes time and with Sarah term now I wasn't so excited about multiple appointments.  But, I also really wanted to not be in pain anymore!

Well, the tooth was so decayed, chipped and nerve exposed that he gave me two choices:  Pull the tooth, losing 20% of my chewing power but not really missing it OR go through 2 nerve treatments, a root canal, some reconstruction and a cap (approximately 6 appointments) with no guarantee he'd be able to fully salvage the tooth.

What would you have done?

Ya.  I had my tooth pulled! ~ The Farmer could NOT believe it when I told him.  But the doctor was really great and numbed me so much that I was still partially numb at 9 o'clock that night!

When I got home, the chiropractor had called and they could get me in to see them at 11:15 (like 30 minutes after I got home).  I really wanted that appointment because we had been having contractions and stuff all weekend and just in case we were close to having Sarah I wanted at least one more adjustment.  So, off I went to see them.

After getting home from being with them, I found out our plans for child care had fallen through and we needed to make other arrangements with the kids.  My sister was available but it would work the best for everyone if the kids could go up we packed the kids and headed off to Nebraska.

I got home around 9 p.m. and crashed!

Then Tuesday the Farmer and I headed south to see Heidi.  We were a bit anxious to see how far we had come in the last week since the contractions had not really fully stopped since we saw Bethany on Monday. My weight had gone up quite a bit, but I knew that was because of the fluid I felt in my legs and feet.  My blood pressure was up a bit as well but still acceptable (130/80).  Sarah's heart beat was around 155 and she is measuring 38 weeks.  She also was about 2 inches lower but still freely floated when Heidi pushed on her head.  My cervix was anterior now (a good thing) and I was an open 1 cm dilated.  Other than being anterior now, I was also glad to hear Heidi say I was alot more effaced.  So progress is definitely being made...just not as much as I had hoped for!

So, after visiting a bit, we headed back home and then Wednesday got the kids back from my sister!  And this morning around 3 a.m. both Jonny and Nathan started puking within 15 minutes of each other.  Jonny had it worst with very painful dry heaves about every hour, but he finally settled down around 11 a.m. or so and no one has thrown up since then.  Abi says her tummy doesn't feel well, but we just haven't eaten alot around here today to try to curb the continual spreading and puking.

What a crazy week it has been. But, God is good and we are so grateful for His provision, healing, and overall protection.

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