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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on Sarah

Well, we have now passed our due date and are about to reach 41 weeks. We had an appointment today and things looked good.

Heidi stripped the membranes and said that if it works we should know in a day or two. We are also trying a few other things to see if she is ready but overall we'd like to have me go naturally if possible.

If she hasn't come by Tuesday, I will have another ultrasound to check for fluid levels, placenta degeneration, and overall safety of Sarah. If everything is okay we will wait for Friday and try a natural induction. We will then go from there.

Of course, we would really like prayers for her arrival - both safety and timing.

We would also really appreciate prayers for the Farmer's parents as the travel with family, for the Farmer and the kids as they wait at home, and blessings on all those who have and are helping us in this time! We truly cannot say thank you enough for all the help and prayer!!!