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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sarah's Headstone

They finished Sarah's headstone and got it all installed on Monday. The Farmer heard about it and set it up for us to go see it together on Valentines day. He was so sweet...he first took me out for coffee at the place in Smith Center which is also a flower shop and he had requested ahead of time to have a red and yellow rose.

When I asked why he chose those two he told me that he knew I favored laying a yellow rose at Sarah's grave and that we were going to go see her headstone. It really meant a lot that he had thought that all through and prepared it like he did!

For those of you who want to see it, I have attached some pictures below. (On the iPad I cannot format the pictures, so I'll tell you what they are and then you can scroll through them.)

The first one should be of the whole stone from a top view so you can see that we put a picture of Sarah there. The Farmer really wanted the cross & I wanted the picture. The next picture should be a close up of the Willow Tree Statue that we placed overlooking her picture. This statue is a 'Forget-me-not', and its verse says "Holding thoughts of you always." When trying to decide where to place was the Farmer who thought of having it overlooking her...and it fits beautifully! The last one is of the rose we left for her.