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Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Snow Snow

Wowsers...did it ever SNOW!

I don't know if you can really tell from the above picture or not...but it was just a few inches away from the bottom of our swing.  Here is another one to try to show you how deep it got:

You can see how the pickup drug on the snow as it drove out...crazy stuff. The boys had a great time helping to shovel paths and make ways to dig out the various animal shelters.  Here are a few shots of them working hard.

This shot is similar to one we had back in 2004.  I had to dig it out to show the Farmer that I think that was the last time we had had this much snow.

 Needless to say the kids had a great time playing out in the snow and even if we never got any more over the winter, they at least had ample opportunity to make forts, hills, and snowmen!

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