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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fair 2013

We had a great fair this year!  One of our new endeavors was the duct tape entries.  The rules were that you create something on your own or something you can wear out of 90% duct tape.  Abi made a crown to wear. Jonny made a sword, and Nathan made a camo robot wall hanging.

Abi received first place in her division, Jonny got first in his, and Nathan got second.  Instead of ribbons, the duct tape entries receive script money.

I'll go over the kids' other entries in separate posts, but I wanted to share a few other every day type photos we took:

We walked around getting ideas for future 4-H projects.  One thing the kids loved was this farm display.

There was also a live owl.  Someone found the owl wounded and will release it into the wild after it healed.  The fair entry was all about how the owl was found and what was being done for it before release.

Fair 2013, full of fun!

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