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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Announcing the New Addition....

to our farm!

Meet Strawberry...a beautiful male red roane!
Abigail is absolutely in love with the horse! In the first 5 hours we had the horse she rode him at least 6 times and stood watching him for hours. She even helped Daddy feed him some oats.

Grandpa Schlatter showed her how to sit on top and hold on while someone leads him around!

And even Jonny got to sit on Strawberry for a short little ride! (Nathan was too scared to ride so we don't have any pictures of him yet...but we'll keep working with him.)

For now, we will keep him close to the barn so that we can get used to him and him used to us. But he is very gentle and well broken. He's been used to kids before which is why Marion's uncle Derek thought of us when he was ready to pass him on!