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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Camping...

I'm not exactly sure, but I'd say this is real rough'n it...a tarp or two thrown over the clothesline....

Well, Daddy decided to take the kids camping...yes indeed he did...and just this evening too! The kids have never really camped before so this should be very interesting. Jonny and I will NOT be joining them tonight as there will not be an air mattress for this pregnant woman to sleep on...and Jonny would just run away once everyone was sleeping :0)

I'll post a few pictures of the set up and getting settled...then I'll try to post tomorrow and let you know how the night really goes.

It was quite funny because once Daddy made the suggestion and said it was a real possibility...the kids went running through the house gathering everything they could think of that they'd need for the 'camping trip'....flashlights, sleeping bags, pillows, books...water and of course snacks!

As I type this I can hear Marion through the open window reading stories...the kids are so excited for this! Here are some pictures:

The one picture of Marion wearing orange was as we were setting up the tent...he moved small hay pales today so he was pretty tried! But what a Dad...still willing to go to the work of putting the tent together and staying out there with them! (PS...he wasn't really sleeping but the far end was open and he was trying to decide if he liked that or wanted it closed...he decided he wanted it closed!)