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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 2 Christmas 2010

And for day 2 we found that Ethan just COULD NOT open his presents by himself...nope...he HAD to have at least one if not two older siblings helping him:

Hmmm...can I get this in my mouth?

Whoa there sis...that's a bit too close to my face!

'Screech'...I am SO excited about my turtle!

Next came Jon-Boy...yes...he does look like he was in a war...the toils of being a two year old younger brother!

A NEMO beans!

A pillow pet...I'll call him 'doggy'!

THIS is the most AWESOME flashlight/laser!
Yes, we did give Abigail a flashlight that had a laser on was the BIGGEST hit of all Christmas I think!

Eternity Focus' Christmas CD...AWESOME!

And if you can't tell what Marion is is titanium drill bits...he is ALWAYS breaking those small ones!