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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lego Nathan!

Mr. Nathan is still struggling with learning his letter 'names' but he is doing awesome with hands on activities! For instance, the other day in 'pre-school play' we made letters out of play dough...he could make every letter I asked him to and he could name several of the ones I made for him.

So, today we did Lego letters. I know they look a bit different but he was still able to identify many of them. I am so proud of the progress he is making...especially with the inconsistency that pre-school has held for him this last year!

Here is a picture of his name in Legos!

I asked him to stand by his name and smile...this is what I got:

LOL...when I told him that wasn't a smile he responded with "Yes it is...its my serious smile!"