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Friday, June 24, 2011

Amazing Coffee....Thanks K!

So this morning we had our iced coffee and my vote is AMAZING!

Both Rox and I agree that the flavor is MUCH smoother and less bitter than the hot coffee that is iced!  To me I also thought the flavor was more bold.  I did dilute the coffee down with equal parts water before adding in the milk/creamer.  But my sister just took it straight....she likes the bolder coffee flavor.

This is definitely a recipe we will be keeping and using at home!

In other news, I have thoroughly been enjoying the laptop at my sisters.  I was teasing her saying that I was in heaven because I could get a cup of coffee and sit comfortably on the couch watching the kids play, drinking coffee, and using the laptop!  As Marion has said many times, I would totally be in my element to sit in a coffee shop using the laptop surfing the net or working on the computer while chatting with my girl friends!  Which is one reason why when we went to Estes last fall, Marion took me to the coffee shop every morning and made extra stops for me to get coffee along the way.  Though I don't have a laptop or other mobile device, I sure enjoyed the experience of sitting and relaxing at the various coffee shops.

However, I have to say that though it is very nice to be able to blog and be with the kids - I can also see Marion's point...if I was able to do this all the time I might not be able to get anything else done...LOL!  Well, it is time to get going for the day, I'll be leaving for Beth Moore after lunch.  So, see you on the flip side!  :0)