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Friday, June 17, 2011

VBS Week June 13-17

It's that time of year again...and I'm really quite excited.  I don't know what actually happened, but I've grown to love VBS week!  It's tiring, and sometimes stressful...but I LOVE working with the kids!  This year we did the Pandamania theme.  This was the first year that the older kids did a rotation and I think it went very well for them.  I've kinda always done a rotation with the little kids because they have to move to stay focused  -  if that makes any sense.  

So, here is what my Preschooler Area looked lie:

Game and Activity Area
(with the craft area to the left)

Bible Area

Attendance & Greeting Area

Panda Buddy Spot
(for anyone who needed a little more loving out)

Craft Area with the weeks crafts.

On our last day, we made those picture frames...see them...the last one on the right!  Anyway, we made those picture frames and then I took a picture of each of my kids with this guy below!

God Loves YOU...and so do I!
 I don't feel comfortable showing you all the kids pictures without their parent's permission so I'll just show you Jonny's.  There were some VERY cute pictures of the kids though...I'm glad I did it!

I think overall we averaged SEVENTEEN 3 & 4 year olds during the week.  We sent the 5 year olds on up with the other groups upstairs.  Though it is alot of work, I'm so glad we were able to do another year of VBS.

(on a side note, Nathan went to VBS with Cousins B & E in Salina.  They also did the Pandamania theme and so it was fun to compare notes, crafts, etc.  I can't remember the number K gave us now but our  little number of 50 kids didn't compare to the something like 250 kids they had...LOL)