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Monday, June 13, 2011

Beauty of the Season

We had our first (and only) crop of Strawberries.  We think the chickens are eating the strawberries so next year we are going to HAVE to do something about that.  Marion has been talking about putting up a fence around our garden section to keep the chickens out, but we will see if that happens.  

I also read that after a couple of years the strawberries will stop producing due to their mother/daughter producing cycle.  Since we never established which plants are daughters and which are mothers, I took the tiller to the strawberry bed and made to very evident rows so that we can try to establish a clearer line of what is a mother plant (which doesn't produce) and what is a daughter plant (which does).   Maybe next year we'll get a few more strawberries.

On the same note, here is our BEAUTIFUL rose bush.  Marion just loves the old fashioned rose bush and it is just loaded down with blooms.  

These roses we got from Marion's brother M&K and they were very gorgeous this year!

please forgive the grass...didn't get that pulled before I took the picture.
All our roses and bushes did GREAT this year - I'm assuming that is from the amazing amount of water they received.  But it was splendid to see all the colors and the beauty that they provided us each time we were outside.