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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Our Third Flood of the Year

While I know that there are definitely places in the country, even in Kansas, that are experiencing droughts and other severe weather, in our area, we have had quite the wet season!  In the last few weeks we have had 3 floods and I heard that the rain accumulation has reached somewhere in the 12-15 inches ranges for JUST these few weeks!

I know that in this last storm, we hat 3.8 inches of rain in one night and our neighbors to the south a ways reported have 5.2 inches! 

We have a bridge that we cross regularly on the way to the highway, and Marion was telling me that the bridge was built back in the 60's and the water had never gotten high enough to actually go over it until this year!  But in the last two weeks, that bridge has had water overflow it TWICE!  The first time was at night and no one (or very few) saw it, but this last storm we were able to see it.   
The Oak Creek Overflowing the bridge
One of our neighbors said that when they stopped by a few hours before that the water was actually OVER the railings.

The water came right to the side of the road.

Usually this is a big ravine but now it is FULL of water!

This is one of our fields across the road from the creek.

Marion and the older kids exploring the field.

Ethan sitting in the Jeep with a water filled field behind him!
We've been very blessed through this all that we have not had any water problems.  We have friends who I'm sure were under water and probably into their house this time around...I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.