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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

2012 – A year not easily forgotten. A year of tragedy. A year of drawing closer to God.

As many of you may already know, this year was full with the expectation of Sarah Grace’s arrival in late August.  Abigail was thrilled to be having a little sister and Marion and I felt extremely blessed to be expecting another baby.  Unfortunately, it was not in the Lord’s will for Sarah Grace to come home from the hospital with us.  Sarah was born on September 8th (two weeks past her due date) and went to be with Jesus on September 12th.  A few weeks later, Marion’s Aunt Barbara (and our closest neighbor) suddenly passed away as well.  And on November 20th, Marion’s grandmother Ruth also died at the age of 102! Though these tragedies shook us deeply, our God was faithful in carrying us through and never letting us go.  We have been so very blessed by the support and love we feel from family and friends.  Even in tragedy, our God is good.

Earlier in the year (April 16th to be exact), we had our first broken bone in the family.  Jonathan was in Abigail’s room and fell out of her second story window.  He broke his left femur in half and was taken to Salina to have surgery.  He was in a wheelchair for 6 weeks and had titanium rods in his leg for 6 months.  We were so very thankful that this accident wasn’t far worse; Jonny was a bit scraped up but he had no other serious injuries. Even in the unexpected, our God is good.

This year was also a tough year on the farm.  We had drought conditions and the summer crops did not do very well.  The corn crop was especially hit hard.  But even in the poor crop conditions, God provided for our family and we were able to get some new to us equipment that was needed.  Even in times of trial, our God is good.

The rest of the year was filled with fairly normal activities.  Abigail continues to play the piano and is doing well in her schooling.  She is in Third Grade this year.  She got glasses toward the beginning of the year and she entered several things in the County Fair which earned her $17.00!  Nathan also got glasses this year, but he only needs them when reading or doing school work.  He is in First Grade this year and enjoys Art the most.  He took his first calf to the fair and thrived at taking care of it and breaking it to lead.  He still enjoys being outdoors the most and especially playing in the dirt. Other than his broken leg, Jonny has had a great year.  He has excelled in his learning and will be starting Kindergarten in 2013.  Ethan is running around, getting into everything, and talking constantly.  We have attempted potty training, but it hasn’t seemed to fully click yet. Both Ethan and Jonny love to go with Daddy on the farm.  Even in the everyday, our God is good.

We truly cannot express how grateful we are to all who have been with us and helped us through this last year.  We had several young ladies help throughout the year (Faith Karg, my cousin Elizabeth, and the Shamburg girls).  These young ladies stepped in to help care for the kids, clean the house and just be a great support and help.  And we could not have made it through without our family!  Everyone stepped up to go beyond the call of duty to take the kids and provide the support we needed both during and after Sarah’s birth. In the blessings, our God is good.

We pray that you can also look over the past year and despite what has happened say OUR GOD IS GOOD!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The M&M Schlatter Family

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