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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

For the first time that anyone can remember since the Farmer and I moved to Kansas, we had Christmas Dinner at our house. If we remember correctly, there was a Thanksgiving Dinner back around 2003 just after we arrived, but other than that, all the dinners have been at my sister's or at Mom & Dad's. (There might have been one other time we had a big dinner, but we weren't sure when it was.)

Anyway, this year it didn't work for everyone in the Schlatter family to come for the actual Christmas Day, so we invited Grandma & Grandpa Schlatter over for dinner and games. While we were decorating the table, Abi said, "Mom, I think you are maybe going overboard!" When I asked her why she felt that way she said, "Well, you never decorate like this for when we eat." I then went to explain that since it was Christmas Dinner you go out a bit more than normal meals times. Then she thought it was fun and helped me dig out some snow men to decorate with and we had a lot of fun.

After much discussion, we finally decided to go with remote control cars for everyone this year. Abi especially had been wanting one. I really wanted to get the kids a Gouldian Finch, but the Farmer finally vetoed my idea and settled on the remotes. I think the kids had a great Christmas even without the bird!