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Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Old Pickup

When I was in high school we lived out in the country about 7 miles from school. In the winter, the roads weren't the best and I would often drive my dad's pick up to school loaded with a hay bale or cattle rack (often with manure from the calves plastered to the side as well). With the frequency in which I drove it, it soon became known to my friends as 'The Orange Hay Beast'.

The Orange Hay Beast is actually a "red" 1968 Chevy C10 with original wood box flooring and a camper bracket to beef up the weight bearing back end.

With my memories and my Dad's hope of restoration, the Farmer and I brought the pick up to Kansas in hopes of some day having a parade pickup.

Funny thing is, my cousin Isaac brought us the pick up...towing it behind a restored FORD! Lol. Also, it was snowing like crazy the day he arrived. But we got it off the trailer and into the shed for now.

I'll keep you posted as we make progress with the truck.