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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter 2013

Can it seriously be Easter again already?

This year it has snuck up on me totally unprepared...well, maybe not totally but fairly close anyway.  At least I do have our Easter outfits and a few eggs to hunt with the Cousins come Sunday.

This morning I spent the time cleaning up a bit and then baking He is Risen Rolls for after the Sunrise Service tomorrow.  I think we are going to try to make it to that, but we will see when the morning comes.  After lunch, the kids and I headed to Lebanon where they have the city Egg Hunt hosted by the 4-H club.  I got a few pictures of this year's goings on:

The kids did a great job standing around waiting for the is always so hard to wait!

Ethan was so excited....he kept coming back to me and saying "I ready Mom...I ready."

Silly Jonny...wearing his basket as a hat.

The kids were to stay on the sidewalk until the hunt was a hard temptation.

This  year I stood close to Ethan for quite a while during the hunt.  
He had so much fun finding candy and eggs.

After the little kids found 8 eggs and whatever candy they had on the ground, 
the big kids got to go find the rest. Here Ethan and Jonny were sitting and perusing their take.

Jonny looking funny.

Abi gathering eggs.

Grandma taking pictures of Nathan hunting eggs.

After the hunt...the kids enjoyed playing for awhile.  I wish I would have thought to bring my book or my laptop...we could have stayed all afternoon...well, except for E's nap that is.

Cousin B is doing the swinging thing above and Cousin E below is hunting candy.

Nate and Cousin B playing on the new teeter-totter toy.

Jonny Swinging on the Round thingy...

Cousin E and Abi on the bouncy thingy.

Don't you just love all my official terminology! Sorry...I don't know what those things are called...I just know the kids have fun playing on them.j

Well, after E gets up from his nap, we will head over the Grandma Schlatter's to decorate eggs and then there is a soup supper in town I think we'll go to.  Then hopefully to bed and up early for a beautiful Sunrise Service.

P.S. I have to say that the idea of Resurrection and heaven have a new meaning to me this year.  The sacrifice God made for us in giving His only Son to die for me; and the hope in knowing that our lives don't end at the grave, because Jesus overcame both death and the grave, is completely illuminated in a different light this year.  Because of His sacrifice, I have the hope of not only being with Jesus for all eternity, but Sarah too!

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