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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ethan's Birthday

Here are the pictures I promised of Ethan's Birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa Schlatter came to have cake with us.

After singing Happy Birthday, Ethan leaned over and blew out his candle.
That was about the most interaction he had with his cake...
because he wouldn't eat any of it!

After cake...we went to open presents.  Grandma Makey sent a homemade card, Bob the Builder Coloring Pages and crayons.  Ethan was so taken by it that he had to color a picture before he opened any of his other presents.  You can see here that he has a present waiting, but he is busy coloring.

After he colored a bit, he opened Abi's gift...
a homemade pillow case she made with Grandma Schlatter. is a picture of the card Grandma Makey made him.

After Abi's present, he opened Grandma & Grandpa Schlatter's gift...his own farm quilt.

He didn't want to put it down...and after Nathan got his pillow from upstairs, he made himself  a little bed and laid down on was quite adorable.

Next he went onto Aunt K and Uncle M's gift.  He barely had a chance to look at it as the other kids swept in and took over, but later he had a great time exploring the magnetic barn with all its doors and animals.

Finally he got to the presents from the Farmer and I.  
The farmer thought Legos would be the best gift for him, so he got several sets and a carrying case to keep them in.  Again, the older kids had a hard time keeping their hands away from all of Ethan's news toys!

The next morning, the older kids all went to Grandma's house to play with the cousins who where visiting and Ethan had a great time playing with his Legos all by himself!

Overall, I think he had a good day...thanks to all those who called or sent cards.  

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