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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July

Well, we were still in harvest this year, which was the first year since we got back that that had occurred...anyway, we didn't do a whole lot to celebrate because of that. I did get a few smoke bombs, snakes, and snap its for the kids to enjoy. Abigail struggled with making her snap its work but Nathan loved them all...

Later in the evening I finally decided to go to Osborne and visit with some friends who were having a party there. We got to see the end of the big city show and then their neighborhood was VERY alive with their own! Abigail was a little frightened and at one point I told her I wouldn't let any of the fireworks hit her....about 10 minutes comes a loose firework straight for us and lands in our chair....while I was still sitting in it holding both kids! We managed to get up and not get hurt but it was definately and eye opener for us all!