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Friday, July 13, 2007

Vacation Pictures

Okay, I'll go ahead and post these on the date they were taken even though the summary of the vacation was posted later in the will just help me keep things in order...

These pictures were of our trip to Grand Haven and the beach. We took a wagon and a double stroller to fit all the kids in:

Here is a picture of the whole crew (except me of course).

Here are the three older kids looking over the peer walk at the water.

The Coast Guard has this bell that sits in a little park area along the peer...the kids can ring it...we heard this go several times by various groups visiting. The kids really enjoyed this part of the trip.

We walked the whole way to the end of the catwalk which stretches out into the lake. I was VERY particular that the kids stayed IN the wagon! They really did pretty good during this part of the walk...we estimated that we walked about 3 miles or so.

Finally toward the end of our journey we let the kids play in the sand. We had a little problem with sharing and had to cut our trip short but overall I think they had fun. We also stopped off for ice cream on our way back as well.