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Monday, July 30, 2007

Our New Arrival

Yes, we are once again expecting a little one to arrive at our house around mid January.  We are currently 14 weeks into the pregnancy and are very excited.  We got to see the baby in an ultrasound last Monday and the heartbeat was loud and clear.  These things put my heart to rest that everything would be okay this time around. 
Abigail has been telling everyone she has 5 babies in her tummy and Mommy has two and they'll all come after Christmas!  It has been fun as she is learning and talking about it.  We had to explain to her that boys don't have babies in their tummies because she kept insisting that Nathan had 4 babies in his! 
Anyway, I have been busy trying to keep up with the green beans, tomatoes, and corn from the garden and building some storage cabinets in our porch but I do plan on getting some pictures up for everyone to see the vacation we took and some of the other belated pictures.  Sorry it has taken me so long.  Not enough energy and time in the day some days.  Just keep checking back and I'll try to let you know when I post date them.