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Monday, February 22, 2010

Eye Appointments

Well, we decided it was just time to get all these routine appointments started and out of the today we took the kids to get their eyes checked. There is a program called See to Learn and gives free screenings to children 3-5. Fortunately for us, the doctor in Smith Center participates in the program and would do screenings for all three kids FREE! YAY!

They all checked out okay for now. Abi will need to start yearly exams especially since poor eye sight runs in the family! Jonny doesn't have to go back for probably 2 years and Nate should return right before he starts Kindergarten, which will probably be a year and half to two away!

The kids were extra excited because they each got a free 1 topping personal pan pizza too...we haven't cashed in on that yet but they are excited that they each get their own pizza some day!