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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A very Long Day...

Well, today was the day I was supposed to go in and repeat my glucose test for the doctor. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. To start off with, I started having contractions last night around 4ish and they got fairly intense over supper time, so I went to lay down and they seemed to lighten up. All night I dreamt that I was having contractions but was too tired to actual check them out for very long. When I awoke this morning, they were still there AND when I got up they seemed to intensify! So, I called in to the doctor's office to see what they wanted me to do.

I went straight to the doctor's office instead of the lab and they checked my blood pressure, urine, and weight to see where I was at and then sent me to the hospital for fetal monitoring. Everything looked good, but I was having contractions. The doctor ordered that I be observed for two hours and to drink as much as possible to see if I needed rehydrated. About 11:30 am they also started my glucose test!

By 12:30 the contractions were lessoning and spreading out but they were still there. Dr. Overmiller at that time determined that he wanted to have an ultrasound down again to check the placenta and cervix but didn't want to wait until Friday when the technicians came to Smith Center. SO, after my last glucose blood draw at 2:30, I was to head to Hastings to get an ultrasound. He wanted me to wait there until the ultrasound could be checked and then if everything was okay I could come home. And, if there was a problem, then I'd be at a bigger hospital to handle it. Well, it turned out that the ultrasound was okay and we got to come home.

However, I am still having contractions and feeling rather uncomfortable. I'm also fairly tired at the moment and am about to go crash in bed! Basically, the contractions aren't producing anything and the baby is fine, so we wait. As long as they don't intensify or start producing I am simply to bare with them and go on. I have another appointment with the doctor next Tuesday and we'll see how things are going at that point. I never heard what the glucose results were, but I assume they weren't bad cuz I haven't heard anything yet.

Well, just thought I'd share the update since it was a rather interesting day and I know some of you got wind of the situation but no details. Have a blessed and restful night!