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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jonathan's Accident...

Well, we just got back from the E.R. Jonathan apparently was trying to climb the swing we have in the front yard when he fell and hit his head on the stone border around it. As a result he got an 1 -1 1/2 inche gash on the back side of his head and a small puncture on the side. Fortunately Marion and Grandpa Schlatter were filling trucks at the bins close by and I was able to get Jonathan to the ER fairly quickly!

The doctor gave us two options: shave and numb the area to put in stitches or use staples and be done with it. Since the wound is clearly in his hairline, I opted for the lesser of the two procedures and went with staples...he needed three of them!

Below is a picture of his staples...if you are queasy about things like this you might not want to look:

We did our best to clean him up but he can't fully bathe for 24 hours!

Marion said I was pretty excited - maybe even a bit panicked - but I didn't feel panicked - in a hurry yes, winded from running yes, but not panicked! You have to admit, seeing your two year old child with blood running down both sides of his head and an fairly big gaping wound which you couldn't exactly see because he wouldn't let you get near it would shake you up! I was more worried about finding someone to watch the other kids than I was about Jonathan - he was actually very calm and simply asking for a 'ban-ban'. I really didn't want to have to take all four kids to the ER...but I would have if Marion wouldn't have been so close by!

I am sure with 3 boys in the house this won't be our last trip to the fact, I guess you could say he was just following in his father's footsteps! (Marion had to have stitches when he was younger as he tripped and fell into the corner of a clock...he still has that scar!)