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Thursday, May 06, 2010

6 week check up....

Well, we had our 6 week check up today (though it is actually 7 1/2 weeks now)! Ethan is doing great - he weighed in at 10 lbs 11 oz which was a 2lb 7 oz gain in three weeks! His length was 22 1/2 inches and his head circumference was 14 1/ he is growing amply now! We talked about his extreme spitting issue and decided at this time to give it some more time. We've been trying the Zantac but I'm not so sure it has been doing anything remarkable and since he is growing amply it is not necessary to go the g-tract route yet! Dr. Overmiller did have a few suggestions for me to try so we will see how things go over the next few weeks.

As for me, I got the all more restrictions even though my blood pressure is still slightly elevated. The Dr. felt it would continue to come down the further out from the delivery we went. I also showed a 6 lb loss from my prepregnancy weight (my scale at home shows an 8 lb difference). Either way, I am very excited that I didn't come out gaining on this one! We have continued to try to keep our diets in line with the diabetic diet (even though we are eating more sandwiches now that the weather is nicer) and I think that has been helping some too. My sugar levels have returned to normal and there is no concern there but we all felt better so we decided to continue. The one thing I have noticed to be different is my lack of stamina...I don't seem to be able to walk as far as I used to without getting winded and sore and I've noticed it in other smaller things too as I've been working around the yard - so I'm gonna have to start working toward building that back up again...I'd really like to get to jog/walking again soon - the delima of course is finding the time!

Well, that is all the news we have on our 6 week check up. The rest of the family is doing well. Marion has been struggling with quite a bit of mucus that causes him to cough a tremendous amount at night but says he doesn't feel sick just full of mucus. Jonny has been having a cough as well with an occassional runny nose but he doesn't complain about being sick either. The other two are doing great! I have heard alot from around town about a mucusy cough thing so I assume it is just par for the course this spring. We are just so thankful that for the most part we are feeling well and being able to enjoy the beautiful spring unfolding before us.