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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our New Livingroom

Abi is so excited she keeps saying "When someone comes to visit, they'll think we got a whole new room!"

I don't have the room completely finished yet, but I just couldn't wait to post pics! As you can see, after moving things around, the one corner looks very baren. I think I'm going to take down the group pictures we have on the one wall and rearrange things. I am also thinking of getting one of those wall stickers customized but I haven't figured out what I want it to say. (I've got about three of those I want now...)
As you can see, the colors go very nicely together. The slip covers fit very well...all except the chair...I'm gonna have to do a little 'fix it' work on the chair as the cover is a bit too big in the back. Marion was very impressed with them...he had visions of sheets draped over the furniture and was very pleased with how well they 'custom' fit our style of furniture!
The kids have absolutely LOVED this corner that I made to house their bean bags. They have made it a house and have played so many things with it that it has been well worth the rearranging of the furniture.
The one thing that has taken a bit more getting used to is that the TV is now on the south wall. The kids are not sure they like it there as they don't have anywhere 'good' to sit to watch their movies...which I am fine with...maybe they'll beg to watch it less now! I'd rather have the room arranged more for conversation and visits than for TV watching.
Overall, we are very happy with the slip cover conversion. I think they will be much nicer to have on the furniture and easier to care for in the long run. And to be honest, they weren't hard to put on so it shouldn't be hard to wash and replace either!