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Friday, May 14, 2010

On a more cheerful note...

Well, after finding Ethan with a temp of 102 this morning and anticipating when the doctor calls me back that we will be taking another trip to see him making us 3 for 3, I decided to post a more cheerful totally off the subject post!

Here are a couple of pictures of my beautiful snow ball bushes (and my bridal veil spirea too):

The kids love to pick the balls off and throw them! Seriously! But I've always loved the snow ball bushes and I am very excited that I have two of them that are doing so well! In the top picture you can also see the bridal veil spirea is about to bloom too...and in the bottom picture I'm not sure if you can see them or not, but my rose bush is just loaded with buds! I am very pleased with how the north side of the house is turning out...we've lost some bushes and had to replace them but overall they are all doing very well...even the roses from Mark & Karla are doing great this year!

Well, I've got to run...the doctor just called back and we are indeed headed in to see them...please pray it is nothing serious! THanks.