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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Staples out...Independence declared!

Jonny got his staples removed at Quick Care this morning. He did good especially since two of the three got stuck and she had to pull pretty hard to get them out. He's got quite a bit of 'gunk' that needs to be cleaned out of his hair around the staples which she told me hair conditioner would work great at loosening up...other than that, he's doing GREAT!

After getting the staples removed, I had a few things I wanted to get at ALCO so we stopped by there before coming home. I let Jonny walk since we'd only be in there for a few minutes and I figured he could use the exercise. HOWEVER, he taught Mommy a valuable lesson! He has been in the habit lately of using this adorable little phrase "Right Back...Stay". So there we were in ALCO and I was walking just a head of him when I heard him said this adorable little phrase and heard his little feet take off in the other direction. I spun around and headed after him but he cut through another isle and under the clothes racks and disappeared! Yes, I lost my son! I'm not proud of this in any way but he did disappear. I made my way to the front door as Jonny had been saying something about wanting his Tiggy before he declared his independence and ran off. Toward the front was one of the managers. I asked her if she'd seen him which she had not. I told her he was missing and I glanced out the door at the parking lot which was empty except for our pick up (I had driven it because of the rain). The manager lady posted someone at the door and then the other 3 employees in the building started looking for Jonny with me assuming he was hiding somewhere. When I had made my way back to where we were originally and still had not found him I was starting to get worried. Then the lady at the front door said, "I think I found him." When I got back up front, she said, "I saw a little boy in a red coat get out of that white truck." Just then, Jonny came running around the front of the truck, just as innocently as could be and headed straight for the store. When I met him, he said disconcertedly, "Mommy, Tiggy no truck!" I didn't know whether to spank him or hug him! Needless to say, we had a VERY stern talk about running away from Mommy in town! Daddy talked to him too, but I don't know that the magnitude of what happened really sunk in with him...but it sure did with Mommy! Needless to say, Jonny won't be walking in a store again unless he's got his Monkey tethered on!