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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

VBS Week

I have a friend who is going to give me some more pictures, but I thought I'd at least start posting about our week. In this post, we have pictures of the decorating I did in the church basement for my class - the pre-k and Kindergarten class.

First though, I thought I'd show you pics of the two activities that the kids have LOVED! The first day we played this game called 'what time is it Mr. Skunk?' where the kids had to ask the question and then directions were given to take a certain number of steps or whatever, then whenever the 'skunk' felt like it, they'd yell "Spray time" and squirt the kids with are a few pictures of the kids can see the spray bottle behind Jon's back!

The kids pretty much ask to play this game every day!...below is a pic of the kids being sprayed!

The second activity that the kids loved was quicksand! We made quicksand with cornstarch and water. It was AMAZING stuff...if you hit it hard, you'd hit a solid, but if you gently placed your hand in it, it would sink! The kids LOVED are a couple of pics that I took of some of the kids:

Now we get to my decorations...this first one is the one I'm the most proud is my camp fire:

Here is a picture of our craft area, you can see the crafts we are going to do all week hung on the back wall there: (you can't see the glow in the dark necklace very well, but it is there with fish on it, then we did boat bottles, critter cages for bugs, back packs, and then a path banner)

This is our story time area, each poster has our Bible verse for the day on it. We are memorizing Romans 10:9 'Believe in Jesus and that He is alive.'

This is my forest with the theme animals for the week:

I just had to put this one in...he was so cure laying there with the bear:

this is a better picture of the animals. Each one is poster board that I projected the pictures onto and then colored and cut out:

I love doing VBS...the kids are so rewarding...yes it is alot of work but well worth it! When I get more pictures, I'll try to post some more!