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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jonny's Big Day...

Well, yesterday Jonny showed Grandma and I that he is ready to be a BIG boy! All day yesterday he kept his diaper dry and every time Grandma asked him to pee in the potty he did! Then when he came home, he peed in the potty for me twice before bed.

This morning I went looking for him (as he was being far to quiet) and found him sitting on the potty, pants and diaper off reading a magazine. But more than even that, he POOPED in the potty. All on his own, all by himself!

SO, it was decided that this little boy is ready for big boy pants. We've had a few accidents today but overall, I feel it is a successful day. No more pullups or diapers for Jonny! (except naps and bedtime that is)