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Thursday, April 29, 2010

One happy boy and Two muddy kids!

I wish you all could have heard the extreme excitement in Jonathan’s voice as he discovered that I was taking him to ride in the tractor with his incessant banter he said, "Jonny go…G-pa tractor…Daddy drive?” “Yes, Jonny, you are going to go ride the tractor with Daddy.” “Jonny go…where Daddy?” “Daddy’s in the field, Mommy’s taking you to Daddy in the field.” “Daddy field, Jonny field, ride tractor Daddy?” “ Yes, Jonny, you get to ride the tractor with Daddy.” (And then repeat that about a zillion times!)

When we got to the field, he jumped from the van and slowly peaked around the door to wait for Daddy to stop the tractor and let him up. He was so excited he went running and fell down at least three times before he realized he needed to slow down and watch his steps. He was SO excited! Marion said he was just as excited for the first hour but then he started to tire of it because Marion wouldn’t let him actually DRIVE the tractor!

While Jonny was thus engaged in his delight…the other two older kids decided it was too hot to play outside in the sun and wanted to come in. I thought they needed more time to run and play so I decided to let them play with the water hydrant! They were ecstatic! They found a bucket (we actually have a bucket thief amongst us as all our buckets have seemed to disappear) and filled it over and over and over. They found their water guns that I bought them last year and I had to strictly inform them they were not to shoot the dog or the chickens, to which they responded they were hunting coyotes and pheasants. I told them I didn’t care; they had to quit that, so they turned their efforts to washing the Jeep. I got a picture of that…

As you can imagine by the time they got done, they were covered in mud and sopping wet, but very happy! Now we are awaiting a thunderstorm to come through. I haven’t decided if they get to play in the rain since they have changed their clothes already! What a great day!