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Thursday, April 22, 2010

FW: It's back...It's back...FINALLY...It's back!

We finally have our computer back…they were able to save some of the stuff but it was only what was on the back up hard drive and it appears at this moment that it does not include Ethan’s pictures…but I will continue to look around and we will see what we come up with!!! 


I am excited to start with a clean slate and yet at the same time, really liked the way I had my computer set up…for anyone out there who hasn’t backed up their stuff yet…DO IT NOW…trust me…it is so worth it!  I know that backing up doesn’t save settings and all that but man would it save a lot of time!  I have already decided on an ulterior method of photo saving so I won’t have the issue of loosing non-backed up pics again! 


Well, I better get back at rearranging my ‘new’ computer!  Talk to you soon!