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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Commissioning Statement from Beth Moore

Saturday was a live simulcast event with Beth Moore. At the end of the simulcast (with over 300, 000 women reported to be attending in over 869 locations) she gave this commisioning statement and I think it I thought I'd share it with all of you.

My Dear Sister, If Christ is Your Savior You are the dwelling place Of His own Spirit

You have it IN YOU to be secure. Every day of your life You have a choice to make

You can live in your old defeat Or you can turn from your unbelief And choose life

Make up your mind To put off the old you And put on the new you.

Never, ever, ever forget That the Lord is your security.

He will keep your foot From being caught in a trap.

He will take care of you To your very last breath.

Now, leave this place And go out into the world And act like a person

Who knows she’s dearly loved.

You were born to be exceptional.

So, Girlfriend, go forth And walk worthy of your calling.

You are clothed in strength and dignity!

Now unto Him Who can keep you from falling Be glory and majesty

Power and authority Through Jesus Christ our Lord Now and forever more


Please take encouragement from the fact that God adores you and you are HIS! God is doing some wonderful things...are you open to receive them? Are you willing to walk in the calling God has for you...because He has called every single one of us! God is renewing my life...will you let Him renew and transform you too?!