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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Abi's Birthday Cake

This year we decided to do something a little bit different.  Abigail wanted to have a Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  When I asked her to clarify that she said she wanted both a strawberry shortcake type cake with the Strawberry Shortcake character.  

We found a great coloring page that Abi really liked and I started doing some research.  I decided to take the coloring picture and make my own frosting transfer.  Below is the process for how I did that:

Start by selecting an image

determine what colors of frosting you will need
Cover the picture with a sheet of wax paper - taping on the back side to secure.
Start applying the frosting in reverse coloring of the picture on the wax paper -
keep in mind that the first layer will be what is on the top after transfer.
See the pink dots in the hat...they go on first because the other pink will cover over it.

Notice how all the 'details' are covered by the 'fill-in' colors -
Marion also suggested coating the whole thing
with a white thickening layer to give it more support
I'm not sure this was needed but we did it this time.
 Now we prepare the cake:

We baked a regular sheet chocolate sheet cake and topped it with strawberries.

Per Abi's request, we made a second sheet cake vanilla/chocolate swirl.

Trimmed and frosted the sheet cakes with white frosting.
 Join the two layers now and add the details:

Carefully flip the frozen picture onto the cake
- centering the best you can.
You can see the one set of balloons 'broke off' -
I just placed them loosely on the cake.

The picture had alot of 'piping' lines...where you could see
how I filled the outlines with frosting.
I just took my small scraper and smoothed those out.

Next I started adding in the details that did not fit on the transfer .
The pink strawberry dots - the vines - the flowers - hairlines etc.
I did have to use googly eyes as I could not get the frosting eyes to look right.

After finishing the details, I piped shells
around the edge of the cake on top and bottom,
and added the greeting.

View of the piping.

The Final product!

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