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Friday, July 01, 2011

I MADE butter....I made BUTTER!

I'm so excited...I made butter today!

I had read in the Heavenly Homemakers site how to do it and I really wanted to try.  So yesterday when I was in town, I bought some cream and today I mixed some up.  It really isn't economical to do it in small bunches but it was so worth the experience!  And the taste was GREAT!

Here you can see how I put the soft butter into my butter bell crock.  I really love my butter bell crock to keep my butter cool and soft!  You can find the butter bell crocks here.

I was so excited I called Marion out in the wheat field to tell him.  He was headed home for a minute so he stopped in to celebrate my butter making experience.  I sure do love that man...if I haven't told you that before!  I'm truly crazy about him, and even if he thinks my excitement is a bit crazy too...I know he still loves me.

I'm truly at a place of awe right many many good things to celebrate...even with all the bad in the God is madly in love with me and I couldn't ask for anything more than what He has already blessed me with!  I'm crazy about my husband, I thoroughly love my children, I have a beautiful home, and I'm blessed beyond measure with friends and family around me.

Moving on and stepping forward has never before been so rewarding to me.  I'm simply in awe!