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Saturday, January 06, 2007

First MOPS Meeting

 Well, I thought I’d blog about our first MOPS meeting since so many of you have heard about that starting up. 


We had our first meeting yesterday and I think it turned out just right!  We had two ladies come from the community and though there were seven ladies that had RSVPed to come the two were none of them.  We were supposed to have a winter storm of 1-2 inches come through and I think maybe that had an influence on people wanting to get out.  Who knows but overall I think it was just perfect because if we had had too many more kids we would have been in great trouble with the 3-5 year olds.  We did not have near the activities we should have had for them.  So it worked out that we only had two additional mothers come. 


I think all the ladies there had a great time.  One of the funny things for me was that my co-coordinator says she isn’t a crafty person and has tried to dodge the craft thing the whole time.  Well, we got to doing the craft yesterday and she made FIVE!  She got going and thought it was so much fun!  I just sat back and laughed!


Overall I think the volunteers had an enjoyable time, though like I said I think the Explorer Workers were a little more stressed by not having enough activities.  Overall I think we learned some great things and have some great ideas of where we need to do some work with the next meetings!


Thanks for all your prayers and support. WE are so excited to have this ministry going!