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Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling Baby Sarah

The kids are SO excited today…Sarah was very active and they each got to feel her kick at least once!


It is amazing to see how Abigail has grown in her awareness since even Ethan was on the way.  She is much more attuned to what is happening and how Mommy is feeling.


We tried to get Sarah to give them a good kick yesterday, but even after a bit of sugar enticement, she just wasn’t in the kicking mood.  However today, after eating some homemade baked beans, she just went wild!  She was kicking every few seconds and hard enough for the kids to really get a ‘kick’ out of it!


If the kids are getting excited about these kicks…I can’t wait to see how they will feel about the ones that will come later when my whole tummy will move…awe…the amazement kids bring to life!