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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Renovation - Kitchen

It is FINISHED...well...almost..does one every truly finish a remodel?!  

I tried to have it finished today but unfortunately we hit a huge snag in the new light fixture department and it looks like we will have to have an electrician come to rewire the kitchen lights for the new fixtures.  At the very least I will have to wait until we go to Wichita on the 8th in order to get the light bulbs for the new fixture because no one around here carries the new T5 florescent bulbs.  Fortunately, we can get them in Salina and Hastings so it won't be too much of a bother to get replacements when we need them.

But, besides the new light fixtures, IT IS FINISHED! Here is a new look-see at the kitchen.  I admit that I did not take a WHOLE kitchen picture because it is rather difficult in such a long narrow space but between the views of the new desk area here and the area snapshots below I think you can get an idea.

Oh...and we did get the hole in the floor fixed where the cabinet used to be under the desk.  But I did forget to paint the file cabinet, so sometime I will get the paint back out and do that plus a few touch ups - but that will be after Jonny is done with the wheelchair - he is very hard on my new door:

My New Door!'s the old door painted new...but it looks new!
And we do actually have the face plates back on the switches - they are painted red - I just didn't get a picture of that!

Trim detail above the desk.

Trim detail above the kitchen table.
We painted the paneling up there - it wasn't painted before.
In the next picture, you will notice the chairs now have washable covers over them to aide in cleaning as well as to match the old blue chairs with the new kitchen scheme.  We previously had the chairs reupholstered but it didn't last long and they were already showing some terrible wear and tear.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find roller chairs anywhere that are even close to these to replace them, so we are trying to 'make them stretch' as long as we can!

My attempt at a more longer kitchen view.
Now we get into the new curtains and rods. I took the old rod from the girl's bathroom that really isn't needed and found a new rod and some hold-backs that matched to add to the kitchen.  Considering the old rod was well over 10 years old, I felt very fortunate indeed to find matching new rods.

Long tie back curtains above Dad's Sink Area. can see the new light too...I've got a close up coming.

Here are the hold-back rods in the middle of the window above.
I had to stagger them in order for them to fit in such a small space.
You can also see the pattern of the curtains better. They have a sage color instead of the chocolate, but really you don't notice it much.  The other colors match very well considering I bought them off the computer!  :0)

Here is a close up of the new light fixture above Dad's Sink.
This is the same style of fixture that we put in the hall going up the stairs,
and the same lamp shade style that is in the Sitting Room Chandelier.

Kinda blurry, but you can see the rod and hold-backs.

Here is the chocolate Roman Shade and Swag that is now on the window by the kitchen table.

I took the two signs that were in the Coffee Christmas Package and sat them
up on the two rings above the kids' clothes boxes.
They have all the colors that match the kitchen and add a little something - I do like my Coffee!.

Kitchen Sink Window.
You can't really see the curtains much for the light, but you can at least tell they are a shorter tier with valance.
Also, note that I put the decorative hanging that was above the kids' tubs above the sink now.
We LOVE the changes.  It makes the room much more cozy and Marion has commented on it several times. The yellow really ties the cabinets into the room and I am beginning to think they won't need to be redone afterall.  I may still do something with the handles though...but until Marion decides if this will be my kitchen for the rest of my life, I am happy with waiting on the handles.

Again, we will need to wait for the new light fixtures, but I'll post a picture of them when we get that done. Who knows how long it will be before we get a chance to empty the closet leading to the crawl space, Marion checks the crawl space to see if he can do anything or if we will indeed need an electrician, and then how long the wait will be before we can get an electrician here, and then get the lights installed - at least until the 8th!  LOL!

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