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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kitchen Renovation - Installation of Desk

Yay...the desk is IN!

Yesterday afternoon, Marion took the time to help me get the desk installed:

pre-drilling the holes for the legs

Installing the leg hardware

setting the table up 

installing brackets underneath

Totally installed
One thing Marion was concerned about is the far end leg.  He was very concerned the boys would be rough housing, slide into it, and bend it or break it off...SO, we added a screw to the floor, snapped it's head off, and set the leg on top to help secure it a bit more. The middle two legs are just weight bearing.

This afternoon I was able to get the computer area set up.  I was very happy to be able to get the hard drive on the floor and the keyboard installed.  (we have gone months without a keyboard holder...we've had to just type on our laps...SO NICE to have a holder again)

As you can see, the desk is already filling up.  It will serve as an additional space to eat as well as desk space.  I added the mini-cubbies that we'll use for supplies - camera storage - etc. Most of the stuff on the desk top needs to be sorted into the cubbies and is stuff that was in the drawers previously in the cupboard that used to be here.

There is of course alot of work still to be done: priming, painting, trim & accents, but we are at least making headway!

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