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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My New Best Friend - Renovation

or at least an AMAZING product....LOL! several days ago, I was talking to my mom when she asked me, "So what ever happened to the kitchen project you were going to do?"


Exactly...what ever happened to it!

Well, sickness happened to it...and read that right!  If you haven't heard yet (which would be amazing in itself...hehehe) we are expecting #5 in August...but that is for another post!

So, a few days ago, I started feeling better and decided to get on it!  I'll do another post about the backsplash that we now have, but what I really wanted to talk about in THIS this amazing stuff right here:

An amazing product to say the least.

You see...I have this thing for silver...nickle...brushed...I'm not really that particular, but I like silver!  So, when thinking of remodeling or changing things...I always have a tendency toward silver!  BUT, some things just can't be 'replaced' or it isn't cost efficient to do so...but now with this handy dandy stuff...I can have the best of both worlds!  Wanna see what I mean?

Many of you probably know that I was once a Pampered Chef here is my Pampered Chef Tool used to be WHITE...(I know they make black ones now, but mine was the old fashioned white one and I couldn't see spending the money for a black one when the white one works just, now it looks like THIS:

White Tool-Turn-About painted metallic Nickle Silver! that turned out SOOO cool looking, I thought, I wonder if it would work on the chandelier in the Sitting Room?  (You see...I've been asking for an updated light in there for awhile, but Marion just couldn't see spending the money to update something that worked just fine - especially at the cost of what a new chandelier would be - just because its old doesn't mean you get rid of it!)  I got out some tape and covered the floor and climbed my ladder!  

Old Brass and Wood Chandelier painted Nickle Silver!
 Doesn't it look will be getting new globes.  I had previously purchased a couple light fixtures to replace the single socket lights we had upstairs and we will be getting globes to match them.  But of course, they are not here yet.

By this time, I was SO excited, I started looking for anything else I could paint...I already stunk like paint...I might as well take advantage of the opportunity...especially since Marion said we would be getting icky weather in the next day or so...and what did my eye fall on but the brass lamp that was in the sitting room...

Brass lamp painted Nickle Silver
Yep, I took it outside and coated it down good...I'm really LOVING this stuff!

When Marion came home he was SO impressed he kissed me!

Now, just for the record, they make other Metallic Finishes in case you are not a silver lover like I am...they have brass and copper and I don't know what else...but lots of options.  As I was talking to Marion we decided that I probably saved us over $200 in 'replacement' purchases and can probably save more by buying another can and painting the handles in the kitchen instead of replacing them all!

Well, I better get back at putting the kitchen back together.  I got off on a bunny trail with the Metallic!

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