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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Bean Bags

Some of you may remember that the kids got Bean Bags for Christmas a few years back.  They love them and use them a much so that the vinyl was starting to crack at the seams in several places. I got to thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to get covers for the bean bags so that they would last a bit longer...but I couldn't find any!  Seriously!  I even went to the site we bought the bean bags from, but I couldn't find any covers that weren't like swede or really expensive stuff.

Just when I was about to give up, I found a free pattern online to make your own bean bag/cover.  I jumped on this because Ethan doesn't have a bean bag (he was too little at the time to get one).  So, I looked around and eventually went with  I let the kids pick their own patterns and helped them coordinate them a little bit.

Well, we got the fabric and it sat....and sat....and sat....until yesterday!  I started off with Ethan's because I figured I would need to be able to practice a bit and his core bag wouldn't have to be perfect.  I did have a few mess ups on it, but it functions just fine.  Then I jumped into making his cover.

Ethan's Bean Bag
I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to take these pictures, but I guess you can get the main idea from them.  Ethan's bean bag is teal and yellow with pok-a-dots. The covers are bigger than the bags, but they have to be to get the bags inside of the small opening at the bottom.  And the kids love that they have more 'comfy' fabric on them.

After I finished Ethan's, I started on Jonny's - they used the same color of thread so I didn't have to change!  Jonathan picked a Cars fleece with orange and green dot fabric.  
Jonathan's Bean Bag Cover
By the time I got those two done...I was DONE!  I can only sew so long before my shoulders start to hurt!  But the other kids were begging to have their covers done, so today I finished them up.  I started on Abi's:

Abigail's Bean Bag Cover
She had picked the butterfly and pink plaid with a purple dot fabric.  She is definitely my girl!  By the time I got hers done, Nathan was really BEGGING me to finish his. So I went ahead and did his too:

Nathan's Bean Bag Cover
He calls his the 'turtle's in outer space' bag! Blues and Reds...that is Nathan for sure!  When I got them all done...this is what we have:

I'm very excited to have these projects done and crossed off the list.  And I have a ton of fabric left over, so I am thinking that maybe I'll make each of them a jumbo pillow out of their fabrics so they have matching sets....we'll see...right now I don't want to sit at the sewing machine for a little while! :0)

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