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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making Candles!

I know I haven't blogged about it...mostly because I don't have any pictures to post about the day...but last week Nathan, Abi and I went with the Homeschool group to the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island.  They had two groups and our kids joined the 1888 School Day event.  They got to be apart of a day in a prairie school! After the day was over, we got to go with the 'big kids' and make candles.  I was actually more excited than the kids were until they got going. 

Having seen how they did the candles, I came home thinking one day we'd do some candles too.  Today was that day!

I melted down a bunch of old, burnt out candles and votive and some melting pot squares that I had.  Marion said the kitchen smelled awesome! 

Because we were using a quart jar instead of a big coffee can (mostly because I didn't have that much wax and wanted to use something that was tall and narrow) we didn't do a double candle...we only did singles, but the kids managed to make 12 candles!

Waiting in line for their turn.

going from the wax to the water

So, are you wanting to make  your own is the process:

1. Find some wax, melt it. (it is recommended to melt it in water to keep it from catching fire.  I had a jar ring below the glass jar to keep the water moving so the jar wouldn't break)

2. Find something for a wick.  (I used three cotton strings tied together.  We tested it and it worked, but you can also treat your cotton twine to make it burn better...check out this site for directions...We found that a single cotton string only gave off a little light...the three twisted together gave off more.)

3. Fill a glass of water - possibly ice too! 

4.  Dip your wick into the wax three times...and then into the water.

5. Run your fingers down the wax to straighten it and loosen any flakes. 

6.  Repeat step 4 and 5 until you reach desired thickness. - trim off bottom if you desire.

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