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Monday, February 06, 2012

Snakes Alive....'ve got it!  We've got snakes again!

Marion woke up this morning and went to get his clothes and lo and behold...there was a pencil sized baby bull snake curled up under his clothes sleeping way!  Apparently he turned on the light, beat it with a shoe AND carried it outside without me even waking up...must have been God's divine provision!

Anyway, so first thing this morning, Marion was giving the kids snake 101 lessons...and offered a huge $5.00 reward for every snake they find! He has given them specific instructions and the kids are actually kinda excited about the 'hunt'.  Since the snake was a small baby there is a chance there will be more that surface...especially since Marion just put a ton of mouse killer downstairs and their food supply is now gone.

You'd think after about 9 years of living here, I'd be used to this, and I have to say some of the SHOCK has worn off, but grosses me out!  Thankfully we think we have everything sealed off to keep the mother out...apparently it is only the really small things that can get in.

Snake Count 2012 - 1

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